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ALL-GREECE project has its origins in 2002 when the company SmartSoft, together with its European partners, conducted a large-scale study of the Greek segment of the Internet. The analysis confirmed the feasibility of creating a single online source that will provide information on the Greek real estate, travel services and related services. Until now, information on competing online resources was not updated in real time (often outdated, did not allow proper on-line liaison between client-owner), poorly structured, fragmented, outdated in design, difficult to use and unable to create a holistic understanding of the matter. In addition, the proposed information was not multilingual, which created a language barrier.

There is no question that the correct filing information, colorful and with plenty of interesting details, will assist the customer to find the right solution. An attractive, easy to use, comfortable and reliable source of information will sway potential buyers of real estate and tourists from other areas, such as Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia to our place of interest.

The group of companies participating in the ALL-GREECE, model management and staff, aim at a comprehensive approach to solving issues at the professional level, in accordance with the highest of world quality standards.

All companies participating in the project are of high professionalism, possess the ability to quickly mobilize and, if necessary, to provide resources necessary to carry out the tasks and have the ability to find solutions to unusual problems.

The project is being conducted with use of our own investments and credit resources.

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